• Please be courteous to other players and members of greens staff and remember greens staff have priority before 8.30am. Please also be aware of non-players on the course especially the footpath by the 9th and anywhere on holes 1 – 6 and 10 – 18.
  • Please start your round at the designated starting tees unless otherwise informed by Pro Shop staff.
  • As a matter of general good manners please always consider the following to enable you and all your fellow golfers to fully enjoy your game:
    • Always allow faster groups the opportunity to come through - especially 2 balls.
    • If you are looking for a lost ball and there are players waiting to play behind you, please allow these players the opportunity to play through.
    • Please replace divots on the fairways, repair divots on the tees and pitch marks on the greens.
    • Please avoid taking your trolley and/or buggy between the greens and greenside bunkers.
    • Please tidy bunkers and leave via the back not the face.
    • Always shout “fore” to warn others, golfers or not, if your shot is going close to these people.
  • Please keep mobile phones on silent. Any conversations should be made outside the clubhouse or in the car park; they may only be used on the course in the event of a medical emergency.

Course Guidance

  • Take care when the road across the course comes into play, especially when playing across or by the side of holes 1, 6, 10, 11, 14, 15 and 18.  Be mindful that vehicles, horses and walkers use this road.
  • Players on the 1st, 4th and 11th tees have priority over the respective 6th, 12th and 13th greens and players approaching or on these greens should give way for safety reasons.
  • Please determine whether players on the 18th are playing on or not before teeing off the 1st - filter in turn if necessary.
  • When leaving the 2nd green, go to the 3rd tee via the footpath by the side of the house and the boundary hedge - please do not cross in front of the 4th green.
  • The 5th hole is a call-up hole.
  • Please be aware of walkers either on the road or players going to the 15th tee when on the 6th tee. Your view down the fairway is severely restricted.
  • Please take care when teeing off the 10th - there could be players coming from the 9th.
  • When teeing off on the 17th be mindful of players leaving the 2nd green to go to the 3rd tee.

Enjoy your golf!