These are the basic rules for club competitions. Note however that the written text within an IG competition will supersede any information on this webpage.

  • Competitions will be set up on IG.
  • Buggies may be used in all competitions except the Royds/Scriven-Jeffries 36 hole competition, subject to any ban on buggies or their restriction to pre-registered users as provided above affecting the day of the competition. Players in the Royds/Scriven-Jeffries competition with a dispensatory medical certificate may use a buggy.

  • Playing groups shall not consist of more than 4 players. For a singles competition, the group must consist of 2 or 3 players only.
  • Play must start from a tee consistent with the “Starting Points and Times” grid found under ‘Course’ on the Club’s website and on notices around the course, unless otherwise directed by the HUB.
  • A green fee must be paid if the member plays in a competition where their membership category is not part of the general eligibility for that competition.
  • Juniors do not pay any entrance fee nor can they receive any prize, either monetary or gift.
  • A member is classified as a junior if they are 18 years of age up to and including the 31st December in the calendar year.
  • Members are responsible for being aware of their handicap index on the day of a competition.
  • For Mid Herts members, you must be fully paid-up and have an official WHS handicap index. Visitors are permitted to take part in ‘open’ competitions providing they have an officially recognised WHS handicap index.
  • Eight handicap qualifying scorecards within the previous 12 months are required to enter all competitions whereby money/bar-card credits is awarded as prizes.
  • Intent to play in all competitions is indicated by the member signing up to enter on IG. It is the responsibility of the member to withdraw from the competition BEFORE the competition date. Entrance fees will be deducted from the members club-card on the day of the competition via the check-in button or manually by the HUB/competition secretary. Note NO refunds will be processed once the competition start date has been reached unless as agreed by the competition secretary.
  • For all competitions, a player's bar-card will be used to pay for entry. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure they have sufficient funds on their bar card to pay for the entry into a competition. In the event of a competition being cancelled, all received entry fees will be refunded onto the player’s bar-card.
  • Failure by a member to follow the competition rules may result in the temporary suspension or eligibility to take part in future competitions.
  • All singles stroke play events (Medal, Stableford) will be run as qualifying competitions for handicap purposes unless playing conditions for such competitions cannot be provided, or if some other consideration arises.
  • Club Knockout Competition Finals and Semi Finals should be played starting on the 1st tee, in line with the starting grid. This is to ensure fairness in respect of playing the course ‘the right way around’ and in respect of when strokes are to be recieved for handicap KOs (noting when strokes are recieved varies depending on the starting point). By exception a match may be started on a different tee, eg the 10th, but only if both participants agree. Also by exception a match may be started on the 1st tee at a time other than as per the starting grid, provided this has been agreed with the Hub as being reasonable from a course-flow perspective.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the scorecard contains the following information before it is submitted:

Name (recommended)
Competition name and date (recommended)
The gross score per hole……in the case of pairs/team events, in the correct column
The marker's signature
The member's signature

  • Scorecards must be recorded and signed by a member who is eligible for the same competition.
  • Completed scorecards should be posted in one of the approved scorecard collection points.
  • Players should be aware that all accepted scorecards submitted are processed to determine the daily ‘Playing Conditions Calculation’, which is subsequently used as part of the overall handicap evaluation. For the Playing Conditions Calculation to be accurately calculated scorecards need to be submitted on the day of play and before midnight.
  • Unless otherwise indicated within the competition text, the Course Handicaps will have these percentages applied to calculate the Playing Handicaps :

Singles handicap qualifying Medals/Stablefords : 95%
Singles Matchplay KOs : 100%
Singles Medal KOs : 100%
18 Hole 4BBB Medal/Stableford : 85%
15 Hole 4BBB Medal/Stableford : 70%
4BBB Matchplay : 90%
Foursomes : 50% (both players), then combined
Greensomes : 60% (lower handicapped player), 40% (higher handicapped player), then combined
Scrambles : as per the WHS recommendations

  • The competition secretary is responsible for finalising the competition.
  • See the competitions grid for eligibility and/or any restrictions.