These Competition Rules apply to all official Club Competitions listed on the website (and in the annual diary) under the headings “Men’s Competitions” and “Mixed Competitions”, except where otherwise specified on the website (and in the diary)”.


The Competition Secretary is responsible to the Captain’s Committee for the arrangement and running of all main Club Men’s and Mixed Competitions. Any dispute regarding the running of a competition shall be referred to the Competition Secretary whose decision shall be final. Individual members are responsible for familiarising themselves with competition arrangements and rules and acting in accordance with them.


Only fully paid-up members of the Club who have an official competition handicap “(c)” of 28 or less (men) or 36 (ladies), unless otherwise specified, administered by CONGU may take part in Club Competitions. To be eligible to win prizes entrants to invitation competitions (Am Am guests etc.) must have an officially recognized CONGU handicap. Players who do not have a competition handicap or do not have a CONGU handicap may enter but are not eligible to win prizes (except for two’s). However, this does not apply to knockout competitions. All members must have a “c” handicap at the time of sign up to all knock out competitions on Inteliigentgolf. At the time of sign up  this “c” handicap must be valid and not expire before the date of the final as noted on Intelligentgolf. Handicap restrictions may apply to some competitions.

Country members may play in and may win any Club Competition with the exception of knock-out competitions, subject to the handicap requirements above.


With the exception of The Halsey Cup (Knock-Out Medal) all singles stroke play events (Medal, Stableford, Bogey) will be run as Qualifying Competitions for handicap purposes unless playing conditions for such competitions cannot be provided, or if some other consideration arises.


A player may register their intention to compete by entering their name into the electronic on-line system the Club currently operates IG (intelligentgolf). For some competitions entry must be made by the prescribed deadline by completing a sheet on the noticeboard adjacent to the changing rooms. All competitions are governed by the Rules of Golf as published by the R and A, including those on etiquette and by any Local Rules.

Players must return all cards, including “no returns” from qualifying competitions.

In addition

(a) At no time shall playing groups consist of more than 4 players

(b) Play shall commence from a tee consistent with the “Starting Points and Times” grid found under ‘Course’ on the Club’s website and on notices around the course, unless otherwise directed by the Pro Shop.

(c) A player must play with a member who is also eligible for the same competition.

(d) A player must pay a green fee if playing a competition at a time outside of his/her membership.


All men’s competitions are played from White tees unless stated otherwise, all ladies’ competitions (including ladies playing in mixed competitions) are played from Red tees.


Men’s and Mixed knock-out competitions where the names of the winner(s) are inscribed on an honours board in the Clubhouse will always be organised so that the winner(s) will face at least four matches. If a competition has fewer than 16 entries, league matches will be arranged in order to achieve that.


For Open Competitions and some major Club Competitions the Organising Committee shall provide scorecards which include the Competition Name, the date and Starting Time or Tee and the Competitor’s Name. For all other stroke play competitions the player is responsible for ensuring that they enter these essential details. For all competitions it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their current playing handicap is entered.


The player is responsible for ensuring that:

(a)  the correct gross score has been recorded at each hole and, in the case of pairs and team events, in the correct column.

(b)  the card is signed by the marker and the player.

(c)  their handicap is shown on the scorecard. For Better ball, Foursomes and Greensomes both players handicaps are to be shown on the scorecard.

(d)  in Singles and Pairs events the hole-by-hole gross score is entered onto the computer terminal whenever possible.

(e)  the scorecard is returned to the Organising Committee, usually by placing it in the box provided adjacent to the computer terminal in the locker room.

Please be aware that omissions in this respect can affect the Competition Standard Scratch in singles events and thus changes in handicaps.


In knock-out competitions it is the responsibility of the first-named competitor/s to contact their opponent/s to arrange the match in good time before the closing date of the round. The Competition Secretary will expect that either a match will have been played or a firm date arranged by half way through the time period allowed for the round to be completed.

All matches must be played by the date indicated for the round. The Competition Secretary will disqualify competitors not complying. THE CAPTAIN’S COMMITTEE WILL NOT ALLOW EXTENSIONS TO INDIVIDUAL MATCHES but may extend rounds if unusual ground conditions close the course. This does not apply to the Semi Final and Final of a Competition. A Semi Final may be extended by a maximum of two weeks and the Final by a maximum of four weeks. A Finals Day with allocated referees will be in place and it is hoped that Finalists will make every effort to compete on that day.


On weekend days when Weekend Monthly Medals/Stablefords or one-day singles stroke play (Medal, Stableford and Bogey) competitions (other than the Summer Stableford Series) or Foursomes Competitions (Silver Goblets and President’s Plates) are held fourball games may not be played, except that matches in Club fourball knock-out competitions (Bowen Trophies and Berry Bowls) may start from 3 p.m. using the fourball starting point. Greensomes knock-out matches (Paulian Jugs) may be played at any time on these days.

Fourballs are permitted on days when competitions in the Summer Stableford Series are held.


1. Junior members with a Club handicap of 18 or less may enter Monthly Weekend and Monday Medal/Stableford Competitions. They may also play in the Eclectic.

2. Junior members with a Club handicap of 12 or less may enter specified other Club competitions. Scorecards will be issued from the Pro Shop where full information regarding competitions will be available.

3. Junior members playing in adult Club competitions must play with and have their cards marked by an adult member who is eligible for the competition and who ideally is not a parent.

4. Juniors playing in Club competitions will not pay an entry fee and may not win monetary prizes (including shop credit and vouchers).

5. Competitions run exclusively for Juniors are organised by the Junior organiser.


Ladies competitions are organised by the Ladies’ Captain’s Committee and are subject to separate rules which are displayed in a folder in the ladies’ locker room.


Ties in Matchplay Competitions will be decided by extra holes played in sequence from the 1st hole played in the match, with handicap strokes allocated as in the first 18 holes.                         

Ties in stroke play competitions, except for the Royds Cup, will be resolved by card countback over the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s). In the case of Medal competitions, the countback will be after deducting the appropriate proportion of the playing handicap from the gross score of those holes.

For knock-out competitions in which there is still a tie the trophy will be awarded on a countback, hole by hole, from the final hole.

Royds Cup to be decided on a four hole playoff on holes 1, 2, 17 and 18. If that does not produce a result then sudden death over the same four holes. If the result is still a tie, there will be joint winners and sharing of the prize money.


As soon as possible after the event, the Organising Committee will determine and publicise the result by posting a Competition Result Sheet on the relevant notice board and on the Club’s website. Changes to handicaps will also be posted. Normally this will happen during the first working day after the competition.


The prize pool in all one-day weekend singles competitions, except the Summer Stableford Series, (but including Monthly Medals/Stablefords and other competitions such as the Anderson Trophy and the Horace Rawlins Medal) will be divided equally between Division 1 and Division 2. The two divisions will be determined according to handicap, except where there are fewer than twenty entries, in which case there will be only one division. Foursomes, pairs competitions and the Monday Medal/Stableford, held on a single day, will comprise one division only. Apart from the Turkey Trot and the Cross Country, each division or competition pool will be divided 50%/30%/20% to the best three scores. The Turkey Trot and the Cross Country will pay a larger number of prizes when entries exceed 30 pairs, depending on the number of entries as follows. For more than 30 pairs, there will be four prizes divided 47.5%/27.5%/17.5%/7.5%. For more than 40 pairs, there will be five prizes divided 45%/25%/17.5%/7.5%/5%. For more than 50 pairs, there will be six prizes divided 42.5%/25%/15%/7.5%/6%/4%. 

For the Summer Stableford Series, the amount available for prizes from each daily competition comprises the total entry fees paid less a deduction of 20% (see below).  After that, £0.50 from each entry fee will be reserved to create the prize pool for the Final and the balance allocated to prizes as detailed above.

The prize money for most knock-out competitions will be divided 50% to the winner, 30% to the runner up and 10% to each losing semi-finalist. For knock-out competitions with traditionally small entries, namely the Winter Scratch Trophy, the Mid Herts Tankards, the Berry Bowls and the Mid- Week Mixed Foursomes, the winners will receive 70% of the prize pool and the runners up 30%.

The prize pool for each competition will comprise the total entry fees paid, less a deduction of 20%, divided equally between the Club and a fund to maintain the honours boards in the clubhouse.

Prize monies will be allocated to the Pro Shop credit account.


Failure by a member to follow the Club’s Competition Rules may result in the temporary suspension of eligibility to take part in Club Competitions.