These Competition Rules apply to all official Club Competitions listed within the IG application under the headings:

  • Men’s Competitions
  • Mixed Competitions
  • Seniors Competitions
  • Ladies’ Competitions

except where otherwise specified.   

  • Competitions will be set up on IG.
  • Playing groups shall not consist of more than 4 players.
  • For Singles competitions, only two or three players are allowed per grouping.
  • Play must start from a tee consistent with the “Starting Points and Times” grid found under ‘Course’ on the Club’s website and on notices around the course, unless otherwise directed by the Hub.
  • A player must play with a member who is also eligible for the same competition. The player’s scorecard can then only be recorded and signed for by this eligible member. It should be noted that the Ladies' Committee may revise this rule for their own competitions. Ladies should refer to their relevant Committee to confirm the Ruling as required.
  • A player must pay a green fee if playing a competition at a time outside of their membership type.
  • A player should return a scorecard to the location as specified by the competition’s secretary for any competition. The location for posting scorecards will be specified within the Rules for each competition as noted on the relevant section of IG.

For Open Competitions and some major Club Competitions the Organising Committee will provide scorecards which include the Competition Name, the date and Starting Time or Tee and the Competitor’s Name. For all other stroke play competitions, the player is responsible for ensuring that they enter these essential details. For all competitions it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their current course handicap is entered.


The player is responsible for ensuring that:

  • the course handicap is shown on the scorecard .
  • the correct gross score has been recorded at each hole and, in the case of pairs and team events, in the correct column.
  • the card is signed by the marker and the player.
  • the scorecard is returned to the Organising Committee, via the method as determined by that Committee.

Failure to comply with the above points will result in the player(s) being disqualified.

  • Players should ensure their score is recorded, if required, on IG via the method as determined by the relevant Committee.

Players should be aware that all accepted scorecards submitted are processed to determine the daily ‘Playing Conditions Calculation’, which is subsequently used as part of the overall handicap evaluation. For the Playing Conditions Calculation to be accurately calculated scorecards need to be submitted on the day of play and before midnight

Electronic recording of scores may also be specified in the Rules of each competition.


Once all competition scorecards have been reviewed, the competition secretary will ‘finalise’ the competition and publicise the results on IG.

It is the responsibility of each club member to be aware of any handicap changes applied to their WHS (World Handicap System) and IG records.


It is the responsibility of the first-named player(s) to contact their opponent(s) to arrange the match in good time before the closing date of the round. The competition secretary will expect that either a match will have been played or a firm date arranged by half-way through the time allowed for the round to be completed. Every effort should be made by both parties to find a mutually agreeable date. Competitors must be able to offer more than one date to play a tie and should not enter the competition if they are planning to be absent for a significant part of the playing time available.

All matches must be played by the date indicated on IG for the round. The competition secretary has the authority to disqualify players for not complying if there are no mitigating circumstances. Semi-finals however may be extended a maximum of 2 weeks; finals may be extended a maximum of 4 weeks. A referee may be allocated to monitor finals.  


Fourball play will not be allowed on the course when men’s singles or foursomes events are taking place. The exception to this rule is when the “Summer Singles Stableford Series” is being played.

Official club matches involving fourballs will be permitted but these must not commence until 3pm on competition days. Greensomes and foursomes matches are unaffected by this ruling.  


For all competitions, a players’ bar-card will be used to pay for entry. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure they have sufficient funds on their bar card to pay for the entry into a competition. In the event of a competition being cancelled, all received entry fees will be refunded onto the player’s bar-card. If a player wishes to withdraw from a competition after the actual entry date has expired, then the appropriate competition secretary will decide if any monies are refunded.


Failure by a member to follow the competition rules may result in the temporary suspension or eligibility to take part in future competitions.


Men’s and mixed competitions are run by the Men’s Competition Secretary for the Captains Committee. Specific details relating to these competitions can be found HERE

Seniors’ competitions are run by the Seniors’ Competition Secretary for the Seniors Committee. Specific details relating to these competitions can be found HERE

Ladies’ competitions are run by the Ladies’ Competition Secretary for the Ladies Committee. Specific details relating to these competitions can be found HERE