Upcoming Events...

  • Captains Charity Night & Auction 15th March: Join in on this fantastic evening raising money for two great charities.
  • Draw Night with ‘Miss Saxophone Lady’ 22nd March: A usual draw night with soothing back ground music.
  • Supper Lecture 4th April: Laura Mcnaught 

Laura McNaught is an award-winning documentary filmmaker who has been producing documentaries for over 15 years for broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4, Netflix and National Geographic. Her work has taken her to over 20 countries - from Iraq, to DR Congo to China and Nicaragua. She has had the opportunity to interview, spend time with and live among a cross-section of the world’s society: finance ministers, CEOs, celebrities, marines, doctors, activists, smugglers, prisoners, children living in slums. 

In this compelling talk she will share a unique insight into the complexities and rewards of telling stories in some of the worlds’ most challenging places. She will discuss staying safe in warzones, working undercover, negotiating impossible access to closed institutions, navigating the ethics of working with vulnerable people and trying to change the world just a little bit for the better.

Showing clips of highlights of her work, Laura will share details of some of the gripping stories that she has covered: an investigation into children being stolen and sold into international adoption, experiences filming with an underground women’s basketball team in Saudi Arabia, an expose of tiger farms as the great “con” of tiger conservation and many more.

Whilst her work has focussed on serious and sensitive subjects, the take-home from her experiences (and this talk) is nonetheless a positive one. In the depths of even the most desperate and dangerous places and situations, there are always people whose dignity, courage, resourcefulness and humour shines out through the darkness and leaves you feeling grateful and inspired.